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La sucursal de South Road Poughkeepsie presenta a la artista Ilga Ziemins-Kurens

Publicado el 12 de abril de 2019

Ulster Savings Bank desea invitar al público a la sucursal de 2680 South Road, Poughkeepsie a disfrutar de su última exhibición de arte de la artista Ilga Ziemins-Kurens. La exhibición de Ilga incluye pinturas en acrílico y combinadas que son semiabstractas y semirrealistas. Estará en exposición en la sucursal desde el 1 de abril hasta el 30 de mayo de 2019.

Ms. Ziemins-Kurens has a BS in Art Education and has taught art in the Millbrook Central School District for 33 years. Upon retiring in 2008, Ilga turned to more deeply exploring her own talents and experimenting with various art forms. In recent years, she has been pursuing her passion for painting. "I like to observe and work with the play of light, different angles, and ever changing color relationships," said Ms. Ziemins-Kurens. "The work seems to emerge, magic happens, and a finished painting appears," she added.

Ilga is a member of the Artist Collective of Hyde Park and serves on their board. She is also a member of Arts Mid-Hudson where she has her jewelry and small paintings on display

For more information about the artist, please visit www.catskillart.com/ilga-ziemins-kurens or call 845-471-8814.

For more information concerning the exhibit, please contact Dennis Conn, South Road Poughkeepsie Branch Manager, at 473-3500, ext. 4501.

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